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I have been led to read about this topic..kind of coincidence to get the right material and also to meet some interesting people.

I met this plr therapist I know who has had several subjects coming up with lives on other planets..Initially he had no clue and as I had already read about it I sent him a lot of writings on this. He also introduced me to one of his subjects who had an amazing PLR experience on another plane. The subject himself had no belief in past lives or aliens so was quite surprised. A rational professional in a good position in a famous company..could have no reason to fake this. I had a chance to question him and he answered with so much sincerity and in such details. I could see he knew nothing about the possibility of starseeds but described what he saw quite struck a cord as I had read a lot on this before but dismissed it as wishful thinking and science fiction.

After this I started reading Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon who regressed subjects in the 80 s and chanced upon a subject with interesting accounts...Apparently as per this book and so much more material that is emerging from channeling and from the collective subconscious, we are originally not from earth ourselves..and who we refer to as Gods are aliens who seeded us ..The story has striking resemblances to The Bible story and stories that several tribal civilizations and Egyptians referred to of Beings coming from the stars to guide and teach.Her account is very different from any science fiction book as it was more detailed and unfathomable.
It read more like a history taking or an investigation. There s nothing to add credibility in terms of reports but uncannily resembles many a UFO abductee report in places. Some of it is indeed scary as though they claim these aliens want our good and have been always watching us it, smacks of control and interferance. In the account the subject recalls past lives on earth. Later however he mentions its his first life here and he has been imprinted with the past lives to better adjust to earth life..such that he cannot distinguish if it was his own or a borrowed life..Also makes me wonder are our thoughts are own or planted. The subconscious patterns we carry are so elusive could they be planted like this.

Is it ego that makes us complacent and turn a blind eye to this stupid can we be to think that this huge universe with so many galaxies and suns has only one small earth with life..Or is it that we are just technically not yet there to catch any communication. Also why would anyone want to establish open communication with a self destructive,egoistic lot who are annihiliating themselves with toxins, chemicals and nuclear warfare. If I were an alien I would stay away..There s so much fear and insecurity in the best of us that our societies are built on this fear. Are we shifting yet ? Lots of youngsters born after 1970 are having spiritual experiences. Hope this is a positive sign and we are indeed moving in consciousness..with the help of these people helping us from among us.

This is an excerpt from a website , there are thousands of them on the internet :


Those who carry encoded information and purpose from beyond Earth.
Their 'destiny' was always meant to be fulflled here, but their true home of origin is not here.

They will always return to lives or states of being outside of Earth, even if they have many lives as humankind.

They are often pathcutters and troubleshooters by nature. Intelligent and staunch beings.

Part of their inner purpose is so cemented into their nature, that once the starseed sets upon a course, they are hard to move. Because they want to complete their mission and return home.

It's as simple as that.

As things move forward here on Earth, towards a new evolutionary leap, many starseeds are restless and find it hard to function.
They can't settle to things easily, for codings within their cellular structure are activating left, right and center.

They see that this world is in turmoil and are in two minds about it. To actively participate and unlock their absolute potential, and on the other hand, to quit and call it a day. Because they find the nature of humans hard to adapt to, and generally base.

This is a hard time to unlock one's potential, whilst one is still seeking the quiet and gentle existence. Because much of the human energy is difficult for the starseed to cope with.

It is time to dig down very deep within and find the incredible well of strength that exists within each one of you. Do not look for a harsh and brittle strength, for it is not.
Seek down through the roots of your being to the deep, slow flowing river, that is the legacy of your origin.

Link to Dolores Cannons books

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