Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mirrors in Consciousness

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi When we are attracted to people, or we hate people we seldom think they are our unclaimed parts of our psyche we project onto others. This causes an obsession with the other…a hate or love which is so strong that it can somehow take over every aspect of our life. When we get entangled in this obsession we can either be open to transformation, or fall into the depths of despair or delusion. Love has been misused and misrepresented in the world and we don’t understand the concept at the higher consciousness level. That love can be divine and push us onto higher consciousness is seldom experienced, understood or even considered. Through unconditional love we get a glimpse of the divine within. That we can get a glimpse of this in our ordinary consciousness can push us to transcend the mundane and taste the drunken bliss is a possibility we encounter each time we intensely love or hate somebody. Turn the intensity of the emotion inward, reclaim the energy that you have disowned and suppressed. Perhaps lifetimes of seeking and searching have brought you back to the point where you move towards reclaiming that lost part of you, which you mistakenly projected onto another. Mistakenly projected yes…the other is but your own window your mirror to yourself, the part of you that is eternal and that is self realisation or victory over your own self. Sadly we experience love as selfish outer conquests. Ego based love is all about controlling and pursuing and making the other to fit in with the idea of what we projected originally. Sadly this was the delusion and the illusion we created in our own mind so it shatters when the other cannot fit in or adjust to what our original image held. This part of our psyche that Carl Jung refers to as the Shadow Self, the Anima or Animus, is our projection on to others. If we watch and allow our emotions to grow and intensely express and let it out instead of suppressing we can experience its transformative power. Allow this projection to open up the suppressed energy and emotion, and acknowledge this emotion. When we feel guilty that we are angry or fight the emotion we cause more resistance and conflict with the hidden parts of our psyche which fights back for recognition. This part as you open up or reveal layer by layer is very transformative,but it can also shake the ground on which you stand and even cause an earthquake in your life. The more you resist the more it will fight back. In ways you cannot fathom it will try to break you…Physically emotionally mentally till you are ready to face and allow its expression..this disowned part of you this emotion,that’s hidden somewhere in myriad unheard stories, unshed tears, unexpressed love, anger and a whole range of other emotions only a human can experience, but has denied or not allowed themselves. When we start peeling these deep emotions and stories we bring out from the recesses not only what we thought were dark emotions or desires but also creativity and great talents which were suppressed by our need to conform. Society and upbringing kept us limited and confined within rules and regulations and lifetimes of conditioning. Now we have to drop these to reach own authentic selves. As we move through layers of darkness and emotion we finally see a glimpse of hope and that’s when we see only unconditional love and the oneness with both enemy and lover. Everyone appears the same we are able to see beyond the other's layers too..These layers I have added the other has too. As I remove my layers I see the true you too. The beauty of your soul shines through the muck you have gathered. My only plea is please drop your layers so you can see me too, that we are one and there s no enemy, no duality no separation. We are the same Essence enveloped in layers of Ego...guilt,shame,Judgement, Prejudice, anger, hatred,fear and so many other labels.

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