Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inner Dialogue

This piece of writing just a few mind was a blank and I just kept writing...

Q1) I need some answers what am I doing ? Where am I going?

Ans Just enjoy yourself..Be, Let go and live life to the fullest

Q2) Am I on track ?

Ans Right Ho, just on track dont fall off.

Q3) What can I do about my health ?

Ans Relax, chill go for a holiday and enjoy, forget, stop worrying about it things fall in place. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and you will attract it.

Q6) Who are you ?

Ans guardian angel dear..

Q7) What should I do ?

Ans Yoga reiki the works all lead to me..Come child I ll take you lead you keep your mind still..Stillness will speak to you.

Q8) Thanks for your guidance, Stay with me..I need important answers to stay on path or my life s in a constant state of confusion, ever tumultous emotions. I am like a ship on fire in a turbulent sea.

Ans ....No your fine, you just need perspective. Listen to your soul where it will go, go ..Lead ..ask it to lead. and you follow. You are more than this ..You deserve better and you have agreed to take it..Life holds many surprises in store so enjoy them as they come and be happy its not so boring and ordinary and normal as it was supposed to be if you followed the chart, the plan, the usual path....

9) On Friends...

You have so many ..other wordly and of this world. They come into your life in time to steer you to strengthen and make you happy so note their relevance...
Stay clear of useless people who malign who judge and who waste...

10) a-Heart...

It says open up ..let love itself give in it will shower joy

b-What does my Chinese, Buddhist life signigy ? ( to give a background in this life I died of a heart, fat and alone )

Ans Yah its heart again dear you failed to let in, open up so you need to do it now..Either Evolve or Perish it says..

c-Root... What do I do ?

Ans Stay Centred and fear not, Believe. We are there to protect and guide you no harm can come to you as long as you believe that no harm can come to you.

d-Love..Yes love yourself first then you reflect love always. You can shower love and be loving.

e-Create ..your destiny a new reality

f-2012... the change the transition is already happening

g-Dreams R had...are scary but they need not happen they are just fears in our collective consciousness working on our minds.

h-Global warming will destroy the earth..No its part of us we destroy everyday, no separation exists between us and the Earth.

11) Are we alone ?

How vain, how stupid after all this alone....
what question is this dear

Then some random stuff....

Take control of your life you are a strong and dynamic woman. Fulfill your dreams. There can be no end to achieving when you believe.

Start at :

- Self Love
- Forgive and let go
- Live life
- Be Happy
- Just be
Enjoy being and stop trying to do and tell others this too
- Get out of the rat race you arent a rat and you were never happy by achieving ranks and posts and great jobs and money.

Lessons to be learnt in this life

Patience, Self Love, Non judgemental, Weaning, Loving, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Humility, Search...Depth of self, True self and Enlightenment.

Thanks a lot..

You kiddo just stay put dont fall off. We re there even if you fall off ( chuckling )....

I am joyful and a treasure of joy and fear cannot touch me ..I am just a beam of energy,my Body is but a reflection not a reality.I shine brightly always so just know we are there.

Who is this ?

Ans We, myself, my, mine Yes we are all one...just a split in the personality dear..confused dont want to confuse......

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