Friday, November 6, 2009


R is in her 30s always fears the worst and prepares herself. This has led to lot of anxiety.

First Regression session:

I took her through the Initial Induction with the Progressive Relaxation, Tunnel and Bridge Techniques. She felt herself floating at first, then engulfed in water as if she were in a whirl pool. The feelings were strong and she described it well.
She was being tossed and turned in the water. I tried to make her see more details but she could not see much else. So I ended the session.

Second Regression session:

Next day we resumed the session and after the induction she moved into the same scene. She wore black clothing and was middle aged and not married. She was in Spain in the 1920s. Her name was Melissa and I later looked up the name on Google and it meant
“ Honey Bee” in Greek and was also used in Spain. I could link this only later that her name in the present life means Honey.
The soul indeed works as per a plan and is immortal.

This time she could see herself on a ship or boat. And the boat capsizes and she falls in the water. She experiences the struggle and waters engulfing her. I helped her to connect to the feelings in her body an release it…..She feels a release and weightlessness and she left the body. After this she sees more of her life in Spain as a teenager, feeling hopelessness, loneliness and as a need to take her life. There is some kind of calamity or war scene from which she flees and so are many people around her. She takes refuge in a shop. I take her forward and she try to make her see her home. She says her home looks like a church. Later after the session was over she came to a conclusion that she was a nun in that life and always wore black clothes. This life explains her fear of calamities or mishaps. On further discussing I found that although she is a Hindu in this life and had no Christian influence she had a strong urge to be a nun at 13 and also suicidal feelings. In this life too she’ s a very spiritual person.

Next I tried to explore her karmic relationship with her husband.

She moves into an earlier lifetime where she is in Belgium in the 1800s. She sees herself along with her present day husband at a fair. They are teenagers enjoying themselves on rides. She is very happy. Then I moved her to her death scene…When I move her forward we come to a dungeon or prison where she is being tortured. Later I found on the net, that human torture was common in Belgium. She dies feels herself rise above the body. I ask her to describe her body. She says she looks pretty wearing a white dress and chestnut brown hair.

Next I ask her to see who is there in the Afterlife to greet her. She finds her husband in her present life waiting there for her. He s waiting for her so that they can reincarnate again and meet again. I ask her to communicate with him and try to understand what he wants of her. He says he just wants her to be happy. After this I let them be together for some time..

When I move her on to the garden for healing she finds herself playing and very happy. After this I bring her out of the regression.

The best part of this session was the connection she saw with her husband and how he had waited to incarnate with her. Although they had an arranged marriage they have a very ideal relationship and are very supportive of each other.

What I could see was how wonderful the soul's plan is . How it weaves a plot and enacts this karmic drama. We believe we are planning our life now but we have already made our plans…this explains the déjà vu experiences we have or the instant recognition we feel when we meet some people for the first time.

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