Friday, November 6, 2009


Sara is a successful professional who wants to explore her personal relationship with her husband and reasons for her denial of her feminity and sexuality. She always tends to act as a parent to her husband. She is now tired of playing this role and wants to understand this.

In the First session conducted earlier she sees herself as a young girl around 17 who is waiting for her lover in the woods. They plan to run away and get married against his parents wishes. He betrays her and never turns up. A group of men spot her and try to abuse her. She runs away and jumps off a cliff, plunging to her death in the water. She makes no attempt to save herself and dies with anger towards her lover and a desire to punish him. He is her husband in this life. She still wants to punish him so in a way is still not letting go because of the betrayal.
In my next session I help her release the trauma of drowning in the water and the fear of running from the men in the woods. I take her to her Life between Life stage where she’s greeted by her mother who passed away…..years ago. I ask her to view a polar opposite life and she sees herself as a king with many wives. One of the wives is her husband again. The king barely gives her any notice. She pines for his love and dies childless and unloved. At this point she s repentant and I ask her if she still feels like she must punish her husband. She says no and now she s released all her anger, sense of betrayal and bitter feeling towards him. Now I take her to the garden where she meets the consciousness of her husband and they just feel love for each other.
In a subsequent session we explored the sexuality aspect and she is taken to a life as a Geisha. She sees herself as a woman with a powdered and painted face. Her patron is her husband again. He is a rich man but he is married. He promises to marry her but never does it. There are other affairs she has and at the end of her live she feels over used and wasted. Again we see a streak of betrayal and this time because he cannot leave his family. She dies an old woman, alone and sad. This is the life from which her indifference to sex arose.

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