Thursday, June 4, 2009

Past Life Regression and Healing

I did a Past life regression therapist's training last week..after a lot of experimentation on myself and sessions.
In Past Life Regression we do a relaxation and the client is led into a past life. This is not hypnosis and the client is fully aware of the surroundings and the sounds in the background. Many people have a misconception that they may be manipulated and hypnotised.
Some of my experiences have shown that it is parallel state of consciousness which proves our multi dimensional existence. We can feel the trauma, joy, ecstasy, fear pain etc in our physical bodies as if we were experiencing the past life in the present moment. Reliving the trauma helps release the remnants which are stored in our energy body.
These blocked emotions normally cause havoc in our bodies and minds like fixed patterns in behaviour and disease.
We are wired in such a way that the same emotional reactions arise to situations. So it is as if we react to every new situation as we did in the past. Past as in not only this life but also past lives. Many of us call this Karma or destiny and feel we are pawns in the hands of destiny or some God. These patterns can be changed by releasing the stored energy patterns.
Our Energy body creates our physical body and months or weeks before a disease manifest in the physical it can be detected in the auric or energy field around our bodies.
In Breathwork, Holotropic Breathing and rebirthing too this release is done.
I have had a lot of issues relating to my neck, shoulders and arms. In subsequent past life sessions I saw 2 deaths where I was beheaded.
Then I experienced a very traumatic death as a young Egyptian who was buried alive after being drugged. This experience where I wake up in a coffin with hands and shoulders all cramped may have led to the pain in my shoulders and neck.
Total release happens when you relive the experience with all your senses.
The memory is stored in our cells and not our brain so wherever the trauma is stored we manifest disease or chronic issues.
Even when we reach deep meditative states or in deep tissue massage you may encounter memory release as I experienced during Vipassana and a reiki session.
I no more doubt that every cell is conscious and has intelligence. Every cell has the power to heal.
We nourish ourselves only when we love our bodies and give it the right messages and stop generating anger, fear and low energy emotions.

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