Thursday, June 4, 2009

Synchronicity or meaningful coincidences

Vedanta says the 2 signs of enlightenment are:

1. You stop worrying...I ve still not reached this
2. Synchronicity or meaningful coincidences

In my journey I have been guided by an unseen force these last 2 years. Synchronous events have kept me on the path. Every time I lost touch with my inner self these signs disappeared. Now I just centre myself with some breathing or meditation when I lose these signs.

What is synchronicity..? There s one day I want to do a particular course the next day I see an ad in the newspaper or a friend calls me up to talk about it. What are the odds against these events happening. This is not to prove to others but in its special way the Soul guides you. You have to be patient, observant,acknowledge it and in mundane everyday events you will see the synchronicity.

Think of a friend and the friend calls you or while typing on chat you both type the same thing more often..what are the chances of these things happening ? You may say they happen all the time..But each time you refuse to acknowledge them in the small things you stop it happening in big things.

All along the path I ve been moving like a river with some stops in between..Just enough time to assimilate thats all. Sometimes I feel I dont have time..not sure why this sense of urgency. I think its because too many things seem to be happening.
So I ve been led from teacher to teacher, book to book. Reiki, Yoga, Inner Child healing, Chakra meditation, Vipassana, Isha Yoga...Past life regression. So somewhere along the line the self healing self searching me transformed into someone who wants to help others. I always wanted to help others but was not equipped to do so.

If you recognise your true calling the universe or the unseen forces just help you in so many ways. Its amazing. Each one of us is unique and we have a special role to play. We deny this and lead lives to be accepted in society to just fit in.Most of my life I just did things to fit gain soon as I chose to be true to my own self things just happen so easily. 'To Thy own self be true'.
Now I understand this fully.

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed & left spellbound by this fabulous transformation of a self connecting with its past lives & thereby healing its repressed self by such wonderful & soothing means as mentioned herein.

These lines are in itself a visual soothing mechanism, which helps relax the mind & the various incidents higlighted here actually motivates a person to undergo these various healing techniques to gain a spiritual control of oneself . Its an out & out relaxation with an intent to motivate the mind & body !