Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Multimensional self

We ve all heard of an illness called sleeping sickness. A similiar disease strikes the soul.Its very dangerous because the early stages go unnoticed. At the first sign of indifference, or lack of enthusiasm take note! The only preventive against the disease is the realisation that the soul suffers, suffers greatly, when we force it to live superficially. The soul loves all things beautiful and deep- Professor Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace Prize winner)

We are here to realise that we are multidimensional beings who came here on a plan to experience joy, sorrow, pain ,love,disease and so many emotions. Somewhere we have just got enmeshed in this drama and the illusionary nature of the world around us. We have limited identities given to us by the society. The drama is so absorbing we cannot shake ourselves out of it. Just like when I quit my job at first I felt I could not survive. My job was my identity. Everything revolved around my achievements and qualifications I had gathered. Each time someone asked me what I was doing I could not get myself to say 'nothing'. It felt like I was invalidating the life I had led all these years what I worked so hard for. So in this way we continue...We start by alienating from our inner selves and work hard at creating various masks. Somewhere we are lost and cannot make out what we truly wanted. Its so convincing that the small inner voice of the soul is ignored so easily.

The Physical Birth is a traumatic process so is this second birth. You have to let go of all the false identities. Its like layers in an onion. However great you may think you are in the world s eyes you are lost and havent fulfilled what you came here for if you cannot be in touch with that inner voice. I am not talking of that critical self in you or the vain proud self who always thinks I can never be wrong.
The true inner self your soul is full of compassion,love, non judgemental and can heal you truly and completely.Undoing is moving closer to the soul.Many of us just move through life never being in touch with our souls.

In keeping up appearances,in smiling on the outside and hurting inside, in anger instead of love we create disease.Disease is just the loss of equillibrium when the body,mind and soul are not aligned. You hate someone yet you have to be on your best behaviour, you want to say this but you say something else..this keeps happening through the day. As children we embarrass our parents when we blurt out the truth and we get chastised. Slowly we learn that we need to repress our true feelings. In this repression we create disease. I know you will ask how can we live in society if we always tell the truth or express our true feelings. No you dont need to tell anyone. If you can make peace with yourself and acknowledge your true feelings you free yourself from disease patterns..I am angry..I need love.etc..

As we advance technologically we think we dont need anyone else..We are moving into a dysfunctional world which is falling apart because we cant relate to ourselves. We keep running away from ourselves.Fill our lives with material desires..and so many goals and so much money we cannot use in one life. This action is all to fill that void which should be the space the soul occupies.

The soul is powerful beyond can heal, traverse time and all boundaries of space and time, create and destroy. Today all we need to do is tell ourselves that what we need is within not without..Reflect, just be..Doing without being is worthless. Just let that divine spark percolate through all the masks we have created.

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